Expect More From a Tour of Croatia

One of the best things about traveling is the potential to experience new places and cultures for yourself in a personal, authentic fashion. There is a big difference between simply ticking off famous landmarks and truly experiencing the sights, sounds, smells, and streets which form the beating heart of any city or nation. It is a very different thing to simply visit Big Ben and a few sites around Westminster as opposed to taking your time to criss cross the Thames and see every last historic quirk and fashionably new corner of London for yourself.

Similarly, it can be one thing to “know” of Croatia as one of the Balkans’ most prominent nations. But to truly get an idea of what makes it so you’ll want to take a trip on one of the Croatia tours offered by cruises and tour agencies.

The Croatian Coast

One of the most stunning aspects of any tour of Croatia is a trip along its fabled coastline. From the dazzling Dalmatian Coast with its white sandy beaches to more rugged shorelines elsewhere, Croatia’s coastlines provide a perfect mixture of beach life and natural beauty.

Dubrovnik Beyond King’s Landing

If you have heard of Dubrovnik and are not an expert in Croatian or Eastern European culture, chances are it’s because of the HBO adaptation of Game of Thrones. The showrunners of the series chose Dubrovnik as the real-world site to film scenes of King’s Landing, the fictional capital city of Westeros. This move has jumpstarted tourism to the city like little else in recent memory.

Even so, there’s a lot more to Dubrovnik than its King’s Landing connection. Indeed, taking fact over fiction, Dubrovnik is a storied city with a rich history. Much of the architecture from the Medieval period there remains – one reason it was so enticing for the Game of Thrones crew as a shooting location. Between these real-world historic sites and modern restaurants and nightlife there, a trip to Dubrovnik is a cornerstone of any Croatia trip.

Booking a Tour

When headed out on holiday, you aren’t going to want to deal with the hassle of a frustrating booking method, nor should you be saddled with a substandard one once you arrive. That’s why the best tours of Croatia make it easy on clients with a streamlined booking system that can help get you through the whole process in no time at all. What’s more, these tours are far more affordable than many other European beach and coast destinations, making them a great choice budgetwise.

Discover the truth about Croatia for yourself when you book a tour online to explore its cities and natural beauty as part of a cruise along the coastline.

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